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1Welcome to Mr. Anderson’s Blog Page. So you’re wondering, who is this Technology Teacher?….. Well, I’m all about striving for student success, while having fun engaging technology projects, and not forgetting to promote equity and inclusiveness in the classroom. I give firm credence to the feminist movement and believe in equal rights and treatment of women in the workplace and society. I am of the opinion that is really good news for the girls and boys in my classroom.  I adhere to a gender neutral program where girls are welcome and belong in the workshop, building, constructing, working on cars, and gaining life skills to overcome the obstacles that society will eventually throw in front of them. My class is a good place for boys too, who need those life skills as well,… Skills are important in our society, even for our future surgeons, lawyers, accountants, and engineers, all have a place in my shop gaining skills for engaging hobbies.  I am a fair and compassionate teacher, for me, it’s all about the kids and supporting them throughout all their pursuits. I treat all my students with respect, establish boundaries, and like to present opportunities and learning experiences for them while keeping it FUN.  I believe in numeracy skills for high school students, for use in the workplace and for those who future careers are focused on academic pursuits. I realize not every student is a “brainiac” in high school, some students are artistic and visual, some are great working with their hands and are mechanically minded. I believe we all have something special to offer and it is my pursuit to assist  and accommodate students to discover all of their own possibilities.  If you have trouble in any math or academic course lets talk about it. I will try find out the underlying problem for you to solve it. If I don’t know how to solve a problem, you’re in luck, because I probably know someone who does! I really strive to witness those “ah-ha” moments that students will remember for the rest of their lives. Those are really special moments for me and establish one of the pillars of my teaching philosophy .

So About Me:

I’ve had a long and storied career that took a different path than most, and don’t regret a minute of it. I hold a Red Seal – C of Q (that’s a certificate of qualification) in the electrical industry, making me a journeyman electrician. I am pretty proud of that; I began working my journeyman industrial electrician career for the IBEW starting back in 1978 in the oil fields of Alberta, then on to steel and automotive manufacturing plants in Ontario. Being a union tradesman is hard physical work and after 20 years in the construction industry I went back to school and earned two degrees: a BA in Economics from the Faculty of Social Sciences at McMaster University and a BEd. in Education from the University of Toronto – OISE. I’m qualified to teach a variety of courses with plenty of life experiences to offer students, seen a lot in my career, in the workplace, through university academics, and witnessed the good and the bad in both. I’ve earned my degrees within a pursuit of lifelong learning, and  it makes me realize and believe that it’s attainable even for a struggling high school student. All students are a concern of mine, they all matter, they all learn differently, often at different times, come from different places, countries, backgrounds, cultures, and we always to be treat each other with mutual respect.

Now that the resume and my ideals are out of the way, what do I like?

I enjoy home renovations, interior design, woodworking and cabinet making. I’ve been working with wood for over 25 years, from framing, to building my own trim work in my shop. It sure appears I’ve renovated too many houses for other people to enjoy. It almost seems that when I finish one, I move and I start building/renovating another. I’ve never lived in a home long enough to simply enjoy it. I’ll  build anything in my shop and have all the tools to do it, from a 52″ tablesaw to jointers and planers complete with a built in dust collection system.

I also have two classic 1960 era cars, both are built by Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studebaker. I am not talking about the cars your great grand pappy, grandpa or Fozzie Bear drove,

but factory supercharged Studebaker’s that broke land speed records in Class C, closed cabin classifications at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats during the latter part of 1963. At 2:43 of this Avanti video you will see two other Studebaker’s, the one on the right is a late production 1963 SuperLark and a early production 1964 SuperHawk (my car).

Both my cars keep me busy during my down time with constant mechanical repairs which I do myself; from building engines, rebuilding carburetors, differentials, welding and autobody. I attend as many car events a year as possible, including drag racing either of my cars at Musclepalooza, PSMCDR in Stanton Michigan or the Bean Blossom Orphan Event held during the early summer. You will find my Hawk at 8.49 minutes into this video at Stanton Michigan.

Hobbies have always been a major part of my life of which I have too many, ranging from construction projects, woodworking, cabinet making, welding, working on cars, home renovation projects and design, painting cars to electrical work, always keeping an open mind to any new project I take on.

I hope the courses I teach will be the most fun, memorable and engaging programs that students enroll in during their high school careers. My commitment is to all students, to support them through useful, captivating, constructive, and fun projects that meet Ministry curriculum standards for both applied and academic students enabling them to learn transferable and effective life skills that they will use in the future.

Mr. Anderson


1 thought on “About Mr. Anderson

  1. Hey Mr. Anderson!
    I’m looking to have my students design and build a “trinket box” as part of my first lesson – I’m teaching TCJ 2O in up here in Ottawa! I built one when I was going to teachers college back in 2010 at Brock. I’m wondering if you have any digital information that you would be willing to share with me?

    If so it would be awesome and If you’re planning on attending OCTE in the spring out in Mississauga I will most definitely buy you a beer or two!

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