Grade 11/12 Projects

Folding Campfire Chair – Another great outdoor campfire chair project that utilizes metric measurement accuracy to have the chair fold up for winter storage away from the elements. Built from spruce or hardwood this comfortable chair when finished will even look outstanding inside your home. All edges are chamfered with a 1/4″ round over router bit. The project also utilizes a tapering jig for the leg construction.

Folding Campfire Chair




 Stair Building Project

Stair Building is an essential project for any budding carpenter, whether used as a temporary regress to a construction workplace or for an entryway from your garage into your home. Figuring out how many treads one requires to meet the landing from the floor is alway a question along with the height of the rise and the width of the run to make the stairway fit the exact application. It all comes down to the Stair Ratio Formula (SRF) and using numeracy skills to achieve your desired results.

Stair Building Project0001

Stair Building Project0002

The Stair Building Project is also accompanied with an easy to follow procedure for students to build a stair case of varying heights determined by the instructor.

Here is an example of a staircase I built in my mother-in-law’s home for the garage entrance into her home. Her existing builder’s staircase was scary to say the least with only one railing build out of a piece of 1/2″ plywood two inches wide! My mother-in-law is not as sure footed as she used to be and her biggest problem was the existing door’s aluminum tread falling off too quickly unto the further angled  concrete door sill and then the incorrect riser height of the wooden tread of the existing staircase. It was simply dangerous. My remedy was to build up the door sill by using an planned down 2×4 to an 1 1/4″ and then use a piece of 1/2″ plywood  to make the first riser flat as she left the doorway.




Using the SRF I determined the rise and run and built a new staircase.


After getting rid of the rickety builder railing I chose to build and install two cedar railings to aid her getting up the staircase using either side. Take note of the sanded, and beveled railing with filled screw holes!



Wood Desk Clock -This is a great Grade 11/ 12 Project and a perfect Christmas Gift for Dad’s Office Desk.It’s not a hard project, but requires a lot of patience and plenty of sanding to make it look right. Major shop tools:  Careful and safe use of the bandsaw and drill press with drills and holesaw combined with accurate measurements for drilling the buckle, buckle tongue, and watch case. I’ve built this desk clock using a variety of wood species and looks fantastic when maple and cherry woods are alternated for the watch band. The clock itself is readily available at Lee Valley Tools for about $18.00.

Desk Clock

Desk Clock2

Desk Clock 3

Desk Clock 4

Desk Clock 5Desk Clock 6

Download the PDF: Watchmaking on a Large Scale

Joinery Project – Small storage box  

Introductory joinery project which includes 4 types of joinery commonly used in construction. The student is exposed to using various machinery including dado blades, miter saws and numeracy skills.

Storage Box Using Various Joinery

Storage Box Using Various Joinery 2

Storage Box Using Various Joinery 3

Storage Box Using Various Joinery 4Download the Storage Box PDF: Storage Box Joinery

Student Joinery Projects on Display

Dovetail on Drawers

Dovetail on Drawers

Five Drawer Dresser

Five Drawer Dresser




Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Small Computer Desk

Small Computer Desk


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